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Regien Smit

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Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Institution: Vrije Universiteit

Contact: E-Mail

I am Regien Smit,

Ph.D. student at the department of Social Cultural Anthropology of the Faculty of Social Scients Free University Amsterdam.

My background is theology (Free University as well), I graduated in 2005.

My research topic is migrant Pentecostal Churches in the Netherlands. I will study two local Pentecostal communities in Rotterdam, one mainly African, the other for the most Brazilian. I have planned to start my fieldwork in September. Both communities are Portuguese speaking, so at the moment I do all the best I can to make myself comfortable with the Portuguese language.

If you are interested in my research question and the theoretical themes I will use, you can read my research proposal that is still 'under construction' of course.

I look forward to reactions and questions from everyone interested in this exiting subject.

All the best!

Regien Smit

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