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GloPent Conference 2009

What Conference
When 2009-02-06 10:30 to
2009-02-07 17:00
Where Harborne Hall, Old Church Road, Harborne
Contact Name Allan Anderson
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The fourth international conference of the European Research Network on Global Pentecostalism (GloPent) will be held at the University of Birmingham on February 6-7, 2009 under the title "Transnational Pentecostalism in Europe". This conference will pay attention to the phenomenon of migration and in particular, the plenary sessions will consider the presence of large and energetic African Pentecostal churches in Europe and what this means to European societies. We have assembled some of the top experts on the subject for this event. Parallel sessions will also be held on various subjects outlined in the programme, some of which will relate to the conference theme and some that will explore other interests in global Pentecostal studies.

Venue: Harborne Hall, Old Church Road, Harborne

Facilitated by the Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies, University of Birmingham


Download programme.



Dr. Ogbu Kalu, 1942-2009

The global academic community, particularly in the field of African Pentecostalism, mourns the loss of Dr. Ogbu Kalu, Luce Professor of World Christianity and Mission, who died at age 66 late Wednesday evening, 7 January 2009, after being hospitalized due to pneumonia. Professor Kalu was due to be the opening plenary speaker at this conference and had already submitted his paper well in advance of this event. His paper will be read out in his absence, and he will be sorely missed.

Friday, 6 February 2009

1030-1200 Meeting of British Research Network for Pentecostal Studies

1030-1100 Introduction and Discussion (Allan Anderson, Univ of Birmingham)
1100-1120 Clifford Owen, Univ of Birmingham, Charismatic Renewal and Ecumenical Progress
1120-1140 Clifton Clarke, Regent University (Univ of Birmingham), The Impact of the new West African (migrant) Pentecostal churches on the old West Indian Pentecostal churches in Britain
1140-1200 Discussion

1200-1300 Registration

1300-1330 Lunch

1330-1500 Plenary 1 (Chair: Mark Cartledge, University of Birmingham)

1330-1340 Introduction & Welcome: Martin Stringer, Head of School of Philosophy,
Theology & Religion, Univ of Birmingham

1340-1345 Tribute to Professor Dr Ogbu Kalu, McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago

1345-1420 African Pentecostalism in Diaspora
(paper by Ogbu Kalu, read by Allan Anderson, Univ of Birmingham)
1420-1435 Respondent: Jörg Haustein, Univ of Heidelberg
1435-1500 Discussion

1500-1530 Refreshments

1530-1640 Parallel Session 1 (each paper is 20 minutes)

  1. Stephen Hunt, Univ of the West of England, The Florida ‘Outpouring’: Localised Revival and Global Outreach
    Marleen de Witte, Vrije Univ Amsterdam Pentecostal Publics: Mass mediating divine touch in transnational Pentecostalism

  2. William Kay, Bangor U, Changing Paradigms in Pentecostal Education
    Graham Smith, Univ of Birmingham, Constructing a Charismatic Ontology of Evil: A critical examination of Nigel Wright

  3. Keith Warrington, Regents Theological College, Cracked or Broken? Pentecostal Unity
    Raymond Pfister, Birmingham, A Pentecostal perspective on the making of Europe in the 21st Century

1650-1800 Parallel Session 2 (Doctoral Research, each paper 15 minutes)

  1. Regien Smit, Vrije Univ Amsterdam, Brazil and The Netherlands: twofold mission, threefold suffering and a distant bridging Spirit
    Wessly Lukose, Univ Birmingham, The Issue of Conversion and Persecution in India
    Rangel de Oliveira Medeiros, Univ Saô Carlos, Brazil, Discourse about sickness and cure in a Brazilian Pentecostal church

  2. Miranda Klaver, Vrije Univ Amsterdam, Failed Transnationalism: Colombian G12 church growth model and Dutch Pentecostalism
    Janice McLean, Univ of Edinburgh, The Anointed Ones: The impact of youth within immigrant Pentecostal churches in London
    Sven Brenner, Univ of Heidelberg, Pentecostalism in Nazi Germany

  3. Daniel Walker, Univ of Birmingham, The Elim Church of Pentecost: A Ghanaian Pentecostal Church in the UK
    Elijah Obinna, Univ of Edinburgh, Negotiating Pentecostalism: The Case of St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church of Nigeria
    Lord Elorm-Donkor, Nazarene Theological College Manchester, Holiness Doctrine and African Religio-Cultural Heritage

1800-1900 Supper

1930-2050 Plenary 2 (Chair: André Droogers, Vrije University, Amsterdam)

1930-2005 The Global Context of Transnational Pentecostalism in Europe
(Bernice Martin, Univ of London)
2005-2020 Respondent: Birgit Meyer, VU Amsterdam
2020-2050 Discussion

Saturday, 7 February 2009

0900-1030 Plenary 3 (Chair: Michael Bergunder, University of Heidelberg)

Theme: Transnational Nigerian Pentecostalism in Europe
0900-0920 Representations of Transnationality in Nigeria and Germany (Anna Quaas, Univ of Heidelberg)
0920-0940 Transnational Religion in Public Space in the Netherlands (Kim Knibbe, Vrije Univ Amsterdam)
0940-1000 Transnational Religious Networks and Social Transformation in Britain (Richard Burgess, Univ of Birmingham)
1000-1030 Discussion

1030-1100 Refreshments

1100-1210 Parallel Session 3 (each paper 20 minutes)

  1. Paul Gifford, SOAS, Univ of London, Recurring Issues in Researching Pentecostalism
    Jörg Haustein, Univ of Heidelberg, History in the Making: Analysing Pentecostal Historical Discourse in Ethiopia

  2. Pastor Jonathan Oleyede & Pastor Yemi Adedeji, Redeemed Christian Church of God, On Being a Nigerian Pentecostal in Britain

  3. Mathew Clark, Regents Theological College, Pentecostal Distinctives 20 years on
    Doreen Morrison, Univ of Birmingham, 'Til Death us do Part: Some Observations on Caribbean Pentecostalism in Britain

1230-1330 Lunch

1330-1450 Plenary Session 4 (Chair: Cees van der Laan, Vrije University, Amsterdam)

1330-1405 A Nigerian Pentecostal Leader in Ukraine
(Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Trinity Theological College,Ghana)
1405-1420 Respondent: Allan Anderson, Univ of Birmingham
1420-1450 Discussion

1450-1520 Refreshments

1520-1650 Plenary 5 (Chair: Birgit Meyer, Vrije University, Amsterdam)

1520-1555 Transnational Migration and Pentecostalism in Europe
(Afe Adogame, Univ of Edinburgh)
1555-1610 Respondent: Jan-Åke Alvarsson, Univ of Uppsala
1610-1640 Discussion

1640-1655 Summation: Mark Cartledge, Univ of Birmingham

1700-1730 Departure



Registration and Accommodation

Please download the registration form

for details about conference accommodation, pricing, and travel.

As places are limited it is advised to register a.s.a.p.



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