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New Publication: Pentecostalism and Development

Documentation of an international consultation in Hamburg about "Cultural roots, cultural transition, understanding of faith and cooperation in development"

In January 2011 an international conference convened at the Missionsakademie Hamburg in order to look at the charismatization processes in African Protestant churches and the growth of the Pentecostal / charismatic movements on the continent, and to discuss the impact of these processes on development cooperation between the German Protestant agencies and African churches and NGOs.

The papers presented by academics and development professionals from Africa and Europe have now been made available in a publication, which can be downloaded at

The presenters covered different geographical as well as thematic areas.


Wilfried Neusel and Owe Boersma:

Wilfried Neusel
Word of Greeting to the Participants of the International Africa Consultation

Wilfried Neusel
Encounter beyond routine – about the scope of our consultation

Claudia Währisch-Oblau
Spiritual warfare – the royal road to liberation and development in Africa and Europe?

J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu
“African Reformation”

Francis Mkandawire
Mission and Development by Mission Instituted Churches in Africa: An African Evangelical Perspective

Nathan Iddrisu Samwini
“Missionary Tradition, African Worldviews and the Growth of the Pentecostal Movement – Implications for the Fellowship with German Churches in Mission and Development”

Jörg Haustein
Charismatic Renewal, Denominational Tradition and the Transformation of Ethiopian Society

Daniel Akhazemea and Babatunde Adedibu
The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, A Missionary Global Player: What Is Her Message Regarding Human Development?

Allan Anderson
The Pentecostal Gospel, Religion and Culture in African Perspective

Viateur Ndikumana
Healing the Wounds of the Past and Promoting Development in Rwanda:  The Church‘s Stance on the Genocide and Civil War

Helga Dickow and Valerie Møller
Let‘s Face The World!

Faith K. Lugazia
Transformation of Mission Instituted Churches in Tanzania: “ Charismatic Renewal, Denomination Tradition, and Transformation of the Society.” A Lutheran Voice

Jean Gottfried Mutombo
The general situation of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Werner Kahl
Reverse Mission and Social Integration

Verena Grüter
“Cultural  Roots, Cultural Transition, Understanding of Faith and Cooperation in Development”

Lothar Brock
The Challenge of the “African Reformation” for Fellowship in Mission and Development

Wilfried Neusel

Shared memories in the Hamburg “Encounter beyond routine” 2011 and the way forward

Contributed by:

Claudia Waehrisch-Oblau

Essen, Germany
United Evangelical Mission
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